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Aviation & Travel Client, offers a seamless flight experience connecting Italy to major international and intercontinental destinations.

Aviation & Travel
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A prominent figure in Italian aviation sought to elevate its digital footprint and foster a closer relationship with its audience. Joining forces with our team, this esteemed airline was keen on leveraging location-based targeting techniques. The goal was to meticulously design campaigns that not only resonate with individual travelers but also cater to specific regional interests and preferences.


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Deep Dive in Granular Location Analytics
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Audit and Adjust Ad Account Settings
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Enable AI Roibox Recommendations

Our Approach

From March 2023, the client embarked on several strategic initiatives with our Geotargeting product:

  1. Granular Location Analytics: An in-depth analysis of location data was conducted, enabling the clientto discern and invest in the most promising locations.
  2. Ad Account Settings Audit: The client underwent a meticulous review and adjustment of their ad account settings to ensure alignment with their target demographics.
  3. AI Roibox Recommendations: The airline activated our AI-driven Roibox Recommendations, streamlining the optimization process for consistent peak performance.
  4. Search Ads 360: Campaigns were integrated into an existing Search Ads 360 campaign management ecosystem.

During the period from March to June 2023, the client launched six GEO-targeted campaigns. These campaigns witnessed a notable uptick in budget allocation and conversions. A comparative review was conducted between the active Roibox campaigns (BIG and MID) and the original campaign from the same period last year to gauge performance enhancements, without revealing sensitive KPIs.

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