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Fashion & Apparel client is a leading fashion brand in Spain, offering a diverse range of stylish clothing for women, men, and children.

Fashion & Apparel
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A leading fashion mainstay, known for its influential mark in the industry, was intent on amplifying its digital marketing endeavors. In a strategic partnership with our team, this illustrious label sought to employ the nuances of location-based targeting. The overarching vision was to sculpt campaigns that are intricately tailored to individual preferences while also addressing unique regional nuances.

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Deep Dive in Granular Location Analytics
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Audit and Adjust Ad Account Settings
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Enable AI Roibox Recommendations

Our Approach

In April, the brand undertook several strategic steps with our Geotargeting product:

  1. Granular Location Analytics: A deep dive into granular location data was conducted, allowing the brand to identify and invest more in the best-performing locations.
  2. Ad Account Settings Audit: The brand ensured that their ad account settings were optimized for their target audience through a comprehensive audit and subsequent adjustments.
  3. AI Roibox Recommendations: The brand enabled our AI-driven Roibox Recommendations, automating the optimization process for peak campaign performance.

Leveraging these strategies, the client successfully launched three GEO-targeted campaigns: BIG, MID, and LOW, each tailored to specific GEO-locations, derived from their original search campaign.


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