Think inside the box

Use a data-driven digital marketing tool that provides your audience's living location to target ads more efficiently.
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What we do

We split any country into 1 km x 1 km grids. Each grid holds 10k+ data points that tell a story about your potential clients and how to target them
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Clarity in a crowded industry

We know the online advertising sector is very crowded and therefore confuses the users. We aim to help by creating a simply-to-use tool that works.

Truth in a pool of fake promises

We know you have probably tried many different tools and only a few have worked. That's why we heavily focus on research and development so that Roibox tool can bring real and measurable results.

A human touch in the world of data

We know this industry is filled with buzzwords that often don't make sense and bring too much technicality to the product. Our aim is to be as human as possible for you to focus on your business, not the tool.

Why Roibox

Custom solutions

If you need more data to fit your business needs in terms of advertising efficiency, we can still help you. We do custom data aggregation, modelling, geocoding, and visualisation to help you reach your business goals.

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