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Marketing backed by Geospatial Data Science

Get in front of billions of customers by analysing, filtering and targeting exact geography of your target audience

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Because Location Matters

Roibox SaaS applies Geotargeting at Scale to dramatically improve digital campaign ROI across all biddable delivery channels

Roibox Layers

The undiscovered potential in your campaign geography

Direct Integration

Roibox perfectly works with your current marketing tech stack and can launch targeted campaigns in minutes.

Works in all continents

We can target locations in all continents except Antarctica due to the restrictions on advertising platforms.

What our amazing customers
say about Roibox

"Our experience has been fantastic, it's been truly set it and forget it, which is exactly what was needed."

Michael Stancil
Digital Marketing Director, Offerpad

"It is like an exoskeleton for Iron Man!"

Mark Smith
CMO, Wearekatana

"The results blew my mind. It's a no-brainer choice for any company that uses digital marketing."

Reinis Vaivars
CEO, Tweetdeleter

We promise to:

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Increased Performance

Increase performance by 30%

Roibox will find the best spots to scale and optimize your campaign based on your strategy


Save Time with automation

We analyze millions of data points each day and you can customize how Roibox deploy changes

No IT Involvement

No IT involvement

You can plug our solution into your advertising platform and connect your data in minutes

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