About Roibox

In our previous business, we geeked out on ranking clients by lifetime value and location, zeroing in on the cream of the crop. Our strategic targeting skyrocketed growth and earned us a shiny collection of awards in a fiercely competitive industry. Following our exit, we unleashed our geeky passions for geospatial data science to bring Roibox to life!

Roibox DNA

This applies to everyone, indifferent of the position or seniority.

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01. Smart

It's not just about IQ; embracing continuous learning and raising the bar are equally important for success and growth.

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02. Hardworking

We prioritize productivity, determination, and resourcefulness over long hours. Seize the opportunity to make an impact at Roibox and thrive in your career!

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03. Humble

If you are humble, people want you to succeed, if you are selfish, they want you to fail.

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04. Collaborative

Embrace proactive leadership, tackling uncertainties and fixing issues from any position at any time.

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ā€œWe invested in Roibox because their SaaS platform is powered by Ā incredible geodata layers and optimization algorithms, boosting advertising campaigns and generating an amazing Ā performance uplift. Thatā€™s what we call ā€œusing data effectivelyā€ for results and automation. ā€œ

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Sandro Moretti

Co-founder & Managing Partner

Meet Our Core Team

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Peteris Lideris


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Zigmars Rudzitis


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Mareks Rudovics

Head of Analytics

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Krisjanis Berzs

Head of Data

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Kristians Lancmanis

Head of Sales

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Marcis Grinis


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Jekabs Endzins


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Edvarts Gaigals

Head of Product

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Think inside the Box

Yes, you read right! Best Performance Requires Boundaries. Think Inside The Box With Roibox.

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Roibox SIA ir noslēgts lÄ«gums ar Latvijas InvestÄ«ciju un attÄ«stÄ«bas aÄ£entÅ«ru (LIAA) Nr. SKV-L-2021/300. LÄ«guma mērÄ·is ir sniegt atbalstu Atbalsta saņēmējamsaskaņā ar Eiropas ReÄ£ionālās attÄ«stÄ«bas fonda projektu ā€žStarptautiskāskonkurētspējas veicināŔanaā€ (projekta identifikācijas numurs3.2.1.2./16/I/001).

Limited Liability Company Roibox SIA has signed an agreement with Investment and Development Agency of Latvia (LIAA) on Incubation support within the framework of the ERDF Project No. ā€œRegional Business Incubators and Creative Industries Incubatorā€.