Luxury Footwear Client

Location-Centric Campaigns

Luxury Footwear client is an esteemed Italian brand known for its handcrafted luxury jeweled footwear, blending traditional craftsmanship with modern elegance.

Luxury Footwear
Roibox Tech Stack
Audit, Geotargeting, AI Recommendations


An iconic name revered for its Italian jeweled footwear masterpieces sought to amplify its digital marketing outreach. Driven by a desire to design campaigns that resonate deeply with individual tastes while also capturing regional allure, this illustrious brand collaborated with our team. Together, we embarked on a journey to unlock the full potential of location-based targeting.

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Deep Dive in Granular Location Analytics
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Audit and Adjust Ad Account Settings
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Enable AI Roibox Recommendations

Our Approach

To fully exploit the advantages of our Geotargeting product, the client embarked on several strategic initiatives:

  1. Granular Location Analytics: A profound analysis into granular location data was undertaken. This enabled the client to pinpoint high-performing regions, leading to increased investments in these prime locations for maximum engagement.
  2. Ad Account Settings Audit: An exhaustive review of the ad account settings was executed to ensure optimal alignment with the target demographics. Based on the insights garnered, necessary adjustments were made to enhance the campaign's resonance with the intended audience.
  3. AI Roibox Recommendations: To further streamline the campaign optimization process, the client activated our AI-driven Roibox Recommendations. This feature automates the optimization, ensuring campaigns consistently deliver peak performance.

In November 2022, leveraging these strategies, the client successfully launched three GEO-targeted campaigns: BIG, MID, and LOW, each tailored to specific GEO-locations, ensuring a holistic and impactful reach across diverse regions.

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