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Offerpad is a modern real estate company that provides homeowners with a convenient way to sell their homes by offering direct cash offers, eliminating the traditional hassles of selling.

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Offerpad, a pioneer in the property tech industry, aimed to enhance its online visibility and customer engagement. Collaborating with us, Offerpad sought to harness the power of geotargeting to craft more personalized and location-centric campaigns.

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Deep Dive in Granular Location Analytics
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Audit and Adjust Ad Account Settings
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Enable AI Roibox Recommendations
"Our experience has been fantastic. It's been a true 'set it and forget it' situation, which is exactly what was needed."
Michael Stancil
Digital Marketing Director, Offerpad

Our Approach

From mid-November 2022 to the first week of June 2023, Offerpad embarked on several strategic initiatives with our Geotargeting product:

  1. Granular Location Analytics: An in-depth analysis of location data was conducted, enabling Offerpad to discern and invest more in the best locations.
  2. Ad Account Settings Audit: Offerpad underwent a meticulous review and adjustment of their ad account settings to ensure alignment with their target demographics.
  3. AI Roibox Recommendations: The company activated our AI-driven Roibox Recommendations, streamlining the optimization process for consistent peak performance.

During this period, Offerpad witnessed a significant increase in budget allocation and conversions. A comparative review was conducted for the last 30 days against the previous 30 days to gauge performance enhancements,

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