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Ultra White Collar Boxing offers a unique opportunity for individuals with no boxing background to delve into the world of boxing, focusing on fitness, recreation, and charity fundraising.

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Ultra White Collar Boxing, a pioneer in introducing boxing to individuals from non-boxing backgrounds, aimed to enhance its online visibility and engagement. Collaborating with us, the organization sought to harness the power of geotargeting to craft more personalized and location-centric campaigns.

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"Our campaigns achieved a remarkable 43% increase in conversions. The ability to reach our target audience was a game-changer."
Gary Tylor
Director, Ultra Events

Our Approach

From November 2022, Ultra White Collar Boxing embarked on several strategic initiatives with our Geotargeting product:

  1. Granular Location Analytics: An in-depth analysis of location data was conducted, enabling Ultra White Collar Boxing to discern and invest in the most promising locations.
  2. Ad Account Settings Audit: Ultra White Collar Boxing underwent a meticulous review and adjustment of their ad account settings to ensure alignment with their target demographics.
  3. AI Roibox Recommendations: The organization activated our AI-driven Roibox Recommendations, streamlining the optimization process for consistent peak performance.

During the period from November 2022 till now, Ultra White Collar Boxing launched several GEO-targeted campaigns. These campaigns witnessed a notable uptick in budget allocation and conversions. A comparative review was conducted between the segmented campaigns and the original BIG Roibox campaign to gauge performance enhancements, without revealing sensitive KPIs.

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