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How we helped Tweetdeleter achieve +64% conversions


Tweetdeleter, as B2C SaaS actively running Google Ads campaigns in the U.S. and Europe, was struggling to boost ROAS on their campaigns.

The challenge was to scale digital campaigns by targeting those individuals most likely to use Tweetdeleter services repeatedly, as that would contribute to MRR growth for the company.


Roibox analyzed 12 months of Google Ads performance data and mapped out exact territories with a target audience of Tweetdeleter to place geotargeted ads and reach higher ROAS. To achieve higher efficiency Roibox split campaigns according to relevant competition in each targeted area which allowed for more budget allocation in areas with less competition and higher returns.


With the help of Roibox, Tweetdeleter now has efficient digital marketing campaigns that help the business grow the number of subscriptions profitably.

In numbers - Tweetdeleter saw an increase of 64% in conversions and 87% in conversion values while reducing their CPA to an all-time low within the first 30 days.

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Roibox Tech Stack
Recommendation Engine, Alertphant, Geotargeting & Intelligence Reports
Target Markets
Decrease in CPA
Increase in Conversions
Growth in Conversion value

“At first we were skeptical whether geotargeting would work for a SaaS like Tweetdeleter, but after a few weeks, our doubts were put to ease. Not only did we see a dramatic increase in sales, but we were actually able to scale our existing campaigns profitably!"

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