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How we increased +113% conversions for Simply Homes


Simply Homes, a tech-driven investment platform for the buying and selling of off-market homes, had been using Google Ads to promote their platform. They were seeing reasonable results from their campaigns, but were not able to scale it.


Roibox analyzed Simply Home's account as well as the competitive and socio-economic landscape of the target market to transform their original campaign into three separate geotargeted campaigns. We tailored each campaign to target the most appropriate audience at the desired cost and time - there is a specific time of the day when you would be looking at buying or selling a home.

Within a week, Roibox helped Simply Home increase conversions by 113% while decreasing costs per conversion by 34%. As a result, the overall conversion rate increased by a whopping 70%! Incredible.


Simply Home saw a significant increase in conversions and ROI due to Roibox Geotargeting, as their offers were shown to the right audience at the right time.

Simply Homes, Inc. is a real estate investment technology platform company.
USA, Portland
Real Estate
Roibox Tech Stack
Recommendation Engine, Alertphant, Geotargeting & Intelligence Reports
Target Markets
Decrease in CPA
Increase in Conversions
Increase in Conversion Rate

“Our team got completely slammed with all the leads and we had to pause [campaigns] in order for them to catch up and come up for air. “

Marian Gandara
Growth Marketing Manager

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