Manage Google Ads faster & profitable

Grow conversions, hit performance targets, reduce wasted spend — all while reducing your Google Ads workload.

Keyword waste

Get rid of keyword waste

Don't leave money on the table. Roibox AI will apply credit-scoring principles to your keyword strategies to get the most out of them.

Take control of Search Terms

Search Terms often hide significant opportunities to improve your ROAS. Roibox AI will find them all.

Spent on Search Terms

Deep-dive into your Ad Groups

An in-depth analysis of Ad Group performance can reveal improvements that you may be missing.

Deep dive on your Ad Groups
Week day ad analysis

Get the most of every day

Some campaigns simply perform better at different days of the week. Use that knowledge to boost your ROAS.

Manage device performance

Your campaigns perform differently on various devices. Roibox AI will find the most suitable setup for each campaign, so that you don't overpay.

Device Performance

Performance by the hour

Roibox AI collects data on all campaign metrics every hour. We use that data to predict the best hours of the day for your campaigns.

Time Performance
Demographics analysis


Demographics report reveals those target demographics that could bring in more conversions at the most optimal price.


Your clients are not everywhere, but your ads are. This means that your may be overpaying for ads in locations that bring in less conversions and for a higher price. Roibox AI will suggest the most optimal location setting for your ads.

Location Analysis

Only the best ads

If you have different ad texts for the same ad, leave the winning one and optimize your ad budget.

Ad Texts Analysis