Measurable data at a micro-level is the key to making macro decisions. Roibox technology allows advertisers to reliably analyze marketing campaign performance by scaling existing proximity targeting capabilities.

Roi from quitting the wrong things
ROI from doing the right things
ROI from quitting the wrong things
By Janis Ozolins

Proximity targeting on steroids

Proximity Targeting

What is proximity targeting?

Platforms like Google and Facebook offer proximity targeting – essentially placing a radius around a specific location where ads will be shown to potential clients.

So what?

Roibox lets you scale existing technology and enables advertisers to benefit from proximity targeting.

Roibox Proximity Targeting

Where’s the magic?

Our data engineers and scientists have developed a geospatial mapping algorithm that places real-world locations on a digital grid, which is represented by squares that perfectly match each other no matter the drill-down used.

Roibox-engineered grids cover the whole world with minimal overlap. Thus, the size of proximity locations can be drilled in and out without compromising the data.

Running campaigns with Roibox setup

Campaigns with Roibox setup


Launch your campaign with Roibox digital grids

We’ll provide you with digital grids that cover the whole area of your target market. This setup is the foundation for any further targeting strategies and reporting that you’ll receive.

Ad set / Ad group
Your Setup
Apply Roibox digital grids*
Reporting and targeting for each grid
Apply Roibox digital grids*
Reporting and targeting for each grid
Apply Roibox digital grids*
Reporting and targeting for each grid
Roibox Setup
*Latitude and longitude with a custom radius

Your campaigns under a microscope

With the Roibox digital grid setup in place, you can measure how your current ad strategy performs so you can react accordingly - adjust your bid strategy, change the visuals, or withdraw from underperforming areas.

Generic Campaign Reporting

Generic campaign reporting

When targeting the whole country, you may receive reports on your campaign performance for territories that are large in size and population, which offers you limited insights into your ad performance.

Roibox Grid Reporting

Roibox grid reporting

Roibox offers 20x more detailed reporting on how your ads perform at any location at any time.


Evaluate Ads Results

Ads perform differently in different places, which means that it’s not enough to build your ad strategy around generalized data. An ad set/ad group might hold several areas that are great, while other areas may be terrible.

Example 1
Great campaign

As you can see, although it’s a great campaign, there is room for improvement. The Roibox digital grid setup allows you to access this data and improve your ad strategy.

Example 2
Bad campaign

This campaign has terrible results, but there are some good areas that you can still benefit from.



Now that you can measure how your ads performed in each micro-area, you can amend your strategy accordingly and win the battles that matter to you.

Good grids
Leave as is
Average grids
Adjust bids / budget or change content
Bad grids
Remove poorly performing grids

What’s next


Grant access to your Google or Facebook ads manager.


Our data scientists evaluate the historical performance of your campaigns and pick a campaign that fits our targeting requirements best.


We confirm the campaign and strategy with you, and once that's done, we start preparing targeting coordinates (up to 2  business days).


Once the coordinates are ready, we either send them to you (so you can insert them yourself), or our digital ads team will do it for you.


The campaign is live! Enjoy your 30-day FREE optimization period. During this time, we will monitor the campaign on a daily basis and remove the worst performing locations.

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Frequently asked questions

Are you managing our campaigns?

Not really. Unless we agree otherwise with you, we optimize your campaign locations and provide location-based reports of how you campaign has performed across its covered territories.

What if we're not satisfied with the free trial results?

Cancel at any time. No strings attached.

What is the required ad spend minimum?

There is no strict limit; however, we believe that if you spend at least $10,000/mo per platform, then that should be enough for you to get the most out of our solution.

Do you offer any custom solutions/services?

Of course! In fact, we have quite a few advanced services for your business. Please contact us at

Why it’s important to do hyperlocal ad reporting?

Reporting provided by Facebook and Google does not allow for detailed geographic analytics. That means that you can’t understand which locations are driving value to your business and which are not. By understanding locations that perform well, you can maximize your ROAS and find lookalike areas around the globe.

How does the process look like from the practical perspective?

Once we have access to your ad account, we can insert specific lat/long coordinates into your campaign/s. We update the coordinates on a weekly basis. Once every 30 days, we will send you a detailed location report.

What shouldn’t I change in my campaigns while running a test with Roibox?

Whatever you change (conversion tracking, target CPA, daily budget), please let us know so we can amend the optimization cycle accordingly.

What can I expect after the 30-days free trial?

Usually, clients expect to see a “hockey stick” type of chart (and we’ve done that for quite a few clients) but to be honest, it’s not always possible to significantly improve campaign performance in just 30 days. What we can promise you for sure is detailed location reporting, showing locations where your ads performed best and where they did worse. Based on that, we can arrive at meaningful business decisions together.

Are you an agency?

Not at all. We are data nerds. Learn more about our nerdiness in the About us section.

What access to our digital ads accounts do you need?

We need edit access. We are editing coordinates weekly, and, trust us, it would be painful to do that by yourself.

Are you working only on Google and Facebook ads?

Currently, yes. But we have some experience with other platforms as well. Hit us up at

*header visualization by Janis Ozolins
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