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Includes all the core services you need to improve your campaign ROI and build data-driven strategies.

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4% of your Roibox campaign ad spend per digital ad platform (i.e., Google Ads, Facebook Ads, etc.). Includes all standard services. Minimum fees apply.

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Best suited for large advertisers looking to deep-dive into their campaign data analytics.

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Standard services

Campaign setup

Preparing and applying Roibox digital grids to your existing setup.


Advanced reporting on ad territory KPIs, showing ad performance by location.


Regular automated and manual analysis of campaign performance and campaign territory.

Campaign optimization

Removal of areas that generate ad waste and creation of new targeted areas based on campaign results.

Additional services

Get the most out of Roibox technology. Contact us to find out more.
Custom visual reporting

Additional grid layer reporting data interpretation and preparation of custom reports, including interactive maps of campaign performance by location.

Data science, strategy & analytics

Data science expert analysis and interpretation of historic campaign performance and suggestions for improvements based on this analysis.

Custom targeting setup

Geofencing and custom campaign ad-set creation to calculate and combine several targeted grids into one ad-set for campaign scaling.

Data and Ad expert

Suggestions on bid strategies, campaign territory optimization, grid cutting, bidding price decrease /increase in specific grids, access to otherwise unavailable data sets and methodologies (available only in the U.S. market).


Monthly minimum fee
A monthly minimum fee of $800 per platform used.

Prices are shown without VAT.

Special discount for small advertisers

For companies with an ad spend under $10,000 per month, we offer a limited 3-month introductory discount of 50%, i.e., a $400 minimum fee.

Special discount for large advertisers

For advertisers with ad spend over $100,000 per month, we offer special discounts on all our services. Contact us to get a customized offer.

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