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Ad Optimization

Roibox removes ad waste locations and finds other customers who are ready to buy your product or service, based on your previous conversions.

Advanced reports

Use the full advantage of your data and see location-based insights like median income, median age, ethnicity, top earners, etc.

Custom targeting

You can target precise custom locations or even enable ad targeting to be based on areas such as time of day, point of interest and much more.

How it works.

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It’s simpler than you think.

Without Roibox

Before Roibox, you had to trust that all of your clients in an area share an equal interest in your products. Which is not the case. The reality is, that up to 80% of such areas only generate costs.

With Roibox

Roibox narrows down the area into boxes using AI to combine socioeconomic and demographic data to remove any areas in your campaign that generate costs. All of this is handled by the Roibox team, with minimal input from your side.

Hyperlocal ads anywhere.

01. The situation

E-commerce stores have the ability to sell everywhere, but do not always have the tools to access the customer data they need.

Physical stores

If you have a physical store, you know your client, your nearby competitors, property prices, foot traffic, and how to advertise traditionally hyper-locally.

E-commerce locations

On the other hand, e-commerce stores know their clients and competitors, but they don’t know property prices, foot traffic and the specific local environment to sell everywhere.

02. Remove ad waste

Use Roibox to ensure that you are targeting the customers that are the most likely to purchase your product; not just 20% of them.

03. Competing in smaller areas

By placing your advertisements in smaller areas, targeting does not only become more precise, but cheaper and more relevant than in larger areas.

Why Roibox?

There is no need to know anything about the area your hyperlocal ads are placed in – all the data will be provided to you. Therefore, you can target your e-commerce customers in Alaska, California or Paris down to 1mi2, and take full control of your campaigns.
Our algorithm constantly improves the campaign until it is hyper-localised to square mile zones across the country.
Total individual product campaign sales volume increase.
Lower cost per conversion for same product campaigns.
Growth in new client and sales from rural areas.
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"Roibox helped us achieve positive ROAS by increasing conversions by 30% and CTR by 53%. It is a must-have optimization for everyone, who is using digital advertising."

Reinis Vaivars

CEO and co-founder of TweetDeleter

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We also offer custom solutions

If you need more data to fit your business needs in terms of advertising efficiency, we can still help you. We also do custom data aggregation, modelling, geocoding, and visualisation to help you reach your business goals.
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