Case Studies

Our clients used to target the whole US, thus we gave them exact coordinates for their clients.
Stop chasing everyone - focus on your target audience!

01. Consumer electronics eComm

Improved CTR, Conversions, and Cost per Conversion.  Roibox generated 500 000 EUR additional revenue during first 6 months of cooperation.

02. Coffee eComm

Within one month Roibox generated more conversions and achieved better CTR for an EU-based coffee eComm client.

03. Twitter SaaS

Reduced the Cost per conversion by 48%, all while increasing conversions by 30% and CTR by 53%.

Reporting Example (Facebook)

Without Roibox

Facebook ads allow reporting based on 207 DMAs in United States. One of those DMA could be as large as 20+million citizens (i.e. New York) and 1/4 the size of Latvia.

With Roibox

Roibox breaks down targeting to 4000 locations and visualise business results, advertising key performace indicators and other data. The report is also available in Excel format detailed for each 1x1mi.

Benefits of using Roibox technology

01. Unique geocoding

Our solution allows to place accurate hyper-local ads on a massive scale

02. Cookie-less analytics

Cookie-less analytics as the basis for geotargeting

03. Location reporting

Location reporting providing insights beyond what is available on the market


Total individual product campaign sales volume increase.


Lower cost per conversion for same product campaigns.


50 00 data points per square mile for your hyper local ads.


Growth in new client and sales from rural areas.

Sell where your customers are.

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