We focus on what’s inside the box

In favour of selling where your customers actually are

The company vision

Roibox is about data and technology. We want to combine our data expertise of using thousands of data points with technology to provide several map-based solutions for different consumer types and needs.

Strong people and truthful team spirit

In order to do it, we need strong people around us, so we want to provide the best working environment for bright minds to succeed. Our aim is to put meaningful goals and truthful company culture in the forefront, eliminating generic perks and benefits you’re used to see on company career pages.

Digital ad targeting efficiency

To get there, we must take one step at a time – our main goal for 2021 is to create the best available marketing tool for digital ad targeting efficiency, so that companies using Roibox tool could boost their marketing ROI and grow their businesses at a faster pace.

The core team behind Roibox

Jekabs Endzins


Jekabs is an experienced technology, marketing, and finance entrepreneur. He is responsible for translating complex solutions into human products and finding the best route to wide markets.
Marcis Grinis


Marcis assembles and blends the best digital and offline solution ideas into products and brings these to the market. He is a data-driven person with skills to manage product portfolio strategically and profitably.
Mareks Rudovics


With an eye for meaningful solutions and analytical skills, Mareks brings years of experience of data interpretation, mathematical modelling, and product development. He’s seen it all and is ready to deliver.
Krisjanis Berzs


Krisjanis develops the core of our solutions through his exceptional skill set in geo-coding, spatial data, data mining, and analysis. His true passion for data and creativity has inspired our business to grow exponentially.
Zigmars Rudzitis


Zigmars know how to turn crazy business ideas into perfectly functional solutions. He can translate advanced software problems into language that your grandmother will understand. Maestro of our multi-national developer team.
Edvarts Gaigals

Business Development

Edvarts is an experienced professional in Banking, Finance, Compliance, and AML matters in FinTech industry in EU and abroad. As a motivated, results-oriented collaborator, he leads us in our journey towards the excellence.


Peteris has great experience in Finance, Insurance, and Logistics projects with large-scale solutions. He ensures we stack boxes horizontally rather than vertically to cover the whole world.


Aldis is an experienced financial professional who brings clarity to the finance side of the company. He ensures that numbers make sense and turns large Excel files into a language understood by everyone.

Want to join us?

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