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Roibox is about data and technology. We want to combine our data expertise of using thousands of data points with technology to provide several map-based solutions for different consumer types and needs.

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Hyper local advertising (down to 1km^2)

All consumers (=locations) are not created equal

Remove ad waste

There are people who see your ads but are not ready to buy from you

Scale wherever possible

There are very effective parts of your campaigns that can be scaled, but they are lost in averages

Automate to not lose these signals

There are people out there who would like to buy but don’t know about you

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“We invested in Roibox because their SaaS platform is powered by -incredible geodata layers and optimization algorithms, boosting advertising campaigns and generating an amazing uplift in performance. That’s what we call “using data effectively” for results and automation. “
Sandro Moretti
Sandro Moretti
Co-founder & Managing Partner

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